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"Being black" means "you never get a night off." Briefly undone by her rage at this moment, Brian is, of course, really a good listener, unthreatening but also right.

Being the "natural" man who sees Kenya's inner self, he's a typical rom-com element.

"I take hard earth and make things bloom," Brian explains, in case you've missed his function.

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Once she lets go, they start having a great relationship. It is as romantic as its supposed to be with all the right amount of complications and obstacles. Well, obviously if you want me to rate according to the screen time and the beauty level of Simon Baker, than it is a 10/10.

Even though she thinks they don’t have much in common, their personalities and taste seem to be opposite and she can’t look past the racial issues, she finds herself falling for Brian. I know it is labeled as a romcom but I don’t think it has many funny moments. Plus, it was a fun change to see Simon in casual wear after watching him in suits all the time in The Mentalist.

No surprise, these are occasioned by the black men who want to protect Kenya, including Nelson and Cheryl's working class boyfriend Walter (Mike Epps).

"We got her back, like family," warns Walter during a double date at a comedy club.

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She has trouble with his affectionate and hairy golden retriever, he wonders about her resolutely beige décor ("My mother thinks bright colors are for children and whores," Kenya laments); she freaks out over a spider, he informs her that she "needs" him (to complete her garden, of course); she wears a suit on Saturday, he thinks she needs to relax.

As the film is focused on Kenya's dilemmas, Brian is something of a cipher, the primary force for her transformation without a life beyond her vision (perspective being a key variable here).

One late night, as Walter and Cheryl are advising Kenya to follow her instincts, she worries, "What if my instincts are screwed up?

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