Shaved dating

As a side note, a woman friend who had cancer shaved it all off and went boldly bald. There is also a girl at my coffee shop who has her hair sort of like Yul Brenner as Ramses. Personally, being a partially bald guy myself, dating would be out of the question.

Bald with a very definitive pony-tail high on her head. I’d perhaps have a brew with him and bs a while, but date???

(Although when I see a handsome man with a shaved head, I imagine how much better he would look with hair.) Not only do I not like the rings of fringe, I hate the few strands comb overs and have not seen a good toupee. I keep tellng him when he is completly bald he will really be handsome.

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In reality, the majority of us judge potential dating partners at least somewhat by their appearances.

We like our partners to be attractive to us both inside and out.

It takes a certain kind of guy to pull this off, but when it works, it really really works.

The thing that the first group should know is that some of them can turn Grandpa-weird-bald into “Mmm, Sexay! I think I would feel very uncomfortable— I’m a heterosexual male. That might be a little strange—unless it happened after we had been together a while due to some disease or treatment.

Tried shaved but found out that day or two old stubble on my head was like velcro on my flannel pillowcase.

Really weird feeling and made it hard to turn over with the pillow stuck to my head.

If so, does this impact how you feel about a future with him? When you started balding, did you feel bad about it or still think you were cute as ever? The other kind of bald is when the guy just up and shaves his head.

There was a guy at work who did this, and he was probably no more than 30yo, and he was sexy!

While some appear extremely nervous, others take a liking to going full monty.

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