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State Board of Parole Commissioners NRS 213.108 Creation; members; Chair; qualifications; decisions.

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NRS 213.060 Procedure when judgment of fine or forfeiture is remitted.

NRS 213.070 Fines and forfeitures do not include discharge from liability on bail bond.

NRS 213.1088 Program of orientation for new members and case hearing representatives; continuing education of members and case hearing representatives.

NRS 213.10885 Board to adopt standards for granting or revocation of parole; sample form regarding probability of success on parole to be made available to public; review of effectiveness of standards; report to Legislature.

NRS 213.1086 Method of payment of compensation, salaries and expenses of Executive Secretary and employees.

NRS 213.1087 Terms of members; vacancies; other employment prohibited; administration of oaths; certification of affidavits and depositions.

NRS 213.10887 Board to compile, maintain, organize, tabulate and publish information concerning decisions regarding parole. NRS 213.10915 Automated victim notification of eligibility of prisoner for residential confinement and consideration for parole; requirements; exceptions. NRS 213.1096 Powers and duties of assistant parole and probation officers.

Parole and Probation Officers NRS 213.1092 Chief: Appointment; qualifications. NRS 213.10983 Seizure, custody, use and sale of property other than dangerous instrument or weapon.

NRS 213.100 Order of discharge when clemency granted. NRS 213.10705 Legislative declaration concerning parole, probation and residential confinement. NRS 213.1075 Information obtained by employees of Division or Board privileged; nondisclosure.

Division of Parole and Probation of the Department of Public Safety NRS 213.1071 Division: Creation; composition; Chief. NRS 213.1076 Fee to defray costs of supervision; regulations; waiver.

NRS 213.090 Pardon: Restoration of civil rights; relieved of disabilities; limitations.

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