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The stamp is a 1902-1903 issue 1 penny stamp with the image of Ben Franklin.He was born in April of 1902, so he was nearly 5 years old when this photo was taken.Related: Rumer Shares 'Offensive' Photoshopped Pic Nonetheless, the alum's ensemble was still chic as she rocked an olive jacket, black jeans, and maroon Converse sneakers.

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Related: Trump's Ban Is Total Trash, Part 493 On Saturday night, KKW posted a tweet in reference to The Donald's decision to ban refugees, visa holders, immigrants, and dual citizens from seven countries in the Middle East -- which, as he has long been saying, was to protect Americans from terrorism.

Still the celebuspawn dressed particularly casual for her outing about town.

(You can see an earlier photo of great-grandpa bill, from his earlier days working in a lumber camp in the woods).

Through old family photos, I’m also fairly sure that the family lived at this time in an area of Bemidji known as “Mill Park”.

They want to see what their home town looked like 100 years ago.

That old view is gone forever, except on the postcard.

Kate Hudson threw her annual "Hot Mess" party Saturday night along with fellow April babies Jennifer Meyer (jewelry designer and Tobey Maguire's wife) and Derek Blasberg (magazine editor and friends with everyone) at her home in Pacific Palisades.

During their stroll, the duo stopped for a cigarette break and Patrick was seen brushing Miz Willis' raven black hair off of her shoulders.

Most Real Photo Postcards, abbreviated RPPC, have information on their backs to help in identifying the manufacturer of the photographic paper that was used by the postcard publisher.

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