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The blankets on the beds had hole and tears in them and were badly stained and smelled of cigarette smoke. We decided this was not the place for us to get a good nights rest so we went back down to the service desk and stated our complaints and politely asked for a refund. I could not get a refund because we had entered in the room and “made it dirty” .

I asked to speak to the owner and I was told “ I am the owner” so I continued pleading my case asking for a refund.

As we were headed towards our room which was on the 2nd floor, we took the elevator which reeked of Alcohol.

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Thank you also to the Orlando Sheriffs office for allowing such a blatant act to happen and he! Because of Dorothy Princeton having no freaking clue to what customer service is the poor housekeeping at this motel and the very poor excuse for a manager that didn’t even come out of her room to address the problem the correct way my husband a disabled Iraq war veteran injured in the line of duty i.e broken back plus severe ptsd myself a survivor of 2 heart attacks the last one happening March 3 2017 plus battling many other serious medical issues and a minor son we have been sleeping in our car in the parking lot of Wal-Mart for the past 2 night no place to shower or heat up food and no money to buy any food. y housekeeper that knows about customer service and does her job better than all the other housekeepers combined is a beautiful woman named F! I will tell everyone I know family and friends about the treatment we received especially having spent approximately 8 to 10 thousand dollars at these Motel 6 establishments.

What a disgrace for a motel to treat a veteran and his family this way.

Motel 6 was founded by William Becker and Paul Greene in Santa Barbara, California in 1962.

The partners wanted to build motels with bargain rates and decided on the rate of $6 per night; a rate which would cover building costs, land leases, and janitorial supplies.

Throughout the 1960’s the Motel 6 model became more popular and the company began to to take a small market share away from bigger chains. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts bought Motel 6 in 1985 and began to move it away from the no-frills approach.

French-based Accor bought the company in 1990 and began franchising in 1994 in order to expand more quickly In 2000, Motel 6 expanded internationally for the first time with a location in Ontario, Canada.

There were cigarette ashes on the bed, floors, carpet and bed.

The pillows were flat and appeared yellow in color.

This rate is the reason for the name “Motel 6.” To cut costs the brand offered coin-operated black and white television sets instead of the free color televisions offered at more upscale hotels.

Motel 6 also had no on-site dining, a model that continues today.

He stated “ this is Motel 6 and this is what you get”.

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