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Thus artifacts from the history of Bonnie & Clyde are highly coveted-- but the reality is, they are remarkably hard to locate if still exist at all??

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Oddly enough, for those in the know-- the John Cole House apparently did not sit on land owned by John Cole.

According to Parish records, his land was located elsewhere in Sailes, but not particularly close to the 2 locations thought to be the hallowed hideout spot.

But amongst all of this, one thing is abundantly clear-- in many cases where Bonnie & Clyde structures once stood, some have been reduced to the land they once occupied.

Thus whatever remnants could be collected over time-- have mostly been collected long ago.

However until someone can reliably say there are more-- both of these locations have been scoured over the years by Bonnie & Clyde historians and researchers including yours truly, within research adventures-- in looking for whatever knowledge can be gleaned by modern visits to these locations. After all the decades of sites picked clean of physical remembrances (including Area A and Area B, as historians have named the 2 hideout spots)-- it doesn't make sense, there would be a flood of artifacts available so suddenly from one of these locations..

Apparently now, some think they can wheel out a seemingly endless supply of "locale pieces" as they're being called-- ie: bricks and rocks and add in odd swatches of clothing-- many without reliable provenance.. In Museums dedicated to history without reliance on merchandising-- almost assuredly, historical treasures would be found in display cases-- not lined up for purchase. And as far as this "prove it's not authentic" attitude now apparently being expressed.. I'll tell you what-- I've known a considerable amount about the Ambush Museum for a good number of years now-- and wonder why that sort of "generosity" hasn't happened much before in such volume, in all the years that museum's been open?? My feeling is no Museum with the "right stuff", would make claims without valid provenance-- much less offer rarities for sale in large numbers. or other hallowed B&C spots also known to be void of souvenirs, right??

Many of it's physical structures are gone-- and even personal belongings routinely kept within families long term, in this case-- have been lost, destroyed or sold off.

Plus during the Depression Years, people seemingly had less to possess-- and therefore fewer things to pass on after the fact.

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