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The story follows the history and evolution of American R&B music during the 1960s and 1970s through the eyes of a Detroit, Michigan girl group known as the Dreams and their manipulative record executive.

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Since the 1980s and 1990s, several different attempts have been made to produce a film adaptation of Dreamgirls, a Broadway musical loosely based upon the story of The Supremes and Motown Records, which won six Tony Awards in 1982.

David Geffen, the stage musical's co-financier, retained the film rights to Dreamgirls and turned down many offers to adapt the story for the screen.

By 1975, The Dreams give a final farewell performance at the Detroit Theater and invite Effie onstage for the final song.

As the concert ends, Curtis notices Magic in the front row and realizes she is his daughter.

Warner planned to go ahead with the film with director Joel Schumacher and screenwriter Tina Andrews Dream Works' Dreamgirls adaptation came about after the film version of the Broadway musical Chicago was a success at both the box office and the Academy Awards.

Screenwriter and director Bill Condon, who wrote Chicago While much of the stage musical's story remains intact, a number of significant changes were made.By 1965, however, Effie begins acting out, particularly when Curtis' affections also turn towards Deena.Curtis eventually drops Effie from the group, hiring his secretary Jackie Morris to take her place beginning with their 1966 New Year's Eve debut in Las Vegas as "Deena Jones & the Dreams." Despite Effie's defiance and desperate appeal to Curtis, he, C.Feeling that Effie's curvy figure and distinctive voice will not attract white audiences, Curtis appoints the slimmer and higher-voiced Deena lead singer and renames the group "The Dreams".With the aid of new songs and a new image, Curtis and C. transform The Dreams into a top-selling mainstream pop group.He cited a need to preserve the integrity of Dreamgirls stage director Michael Bennett's work after his death in 1987.

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