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I had an alt account lying around somewhere and she convinced me to get on it and hang out with her one day to play music.Nobody else knew who I was so I was able to hide on it, but being on that account I cound not stop the urge to look at my ex's profile, which only set me back and brought back the anger and the hurt.

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One of my close friends on imvu told me that her account got hacked and she couldn't see her boyfriend on there.

So suddenly I got the idea to click the link and get my account back and give it to her.

I didnt' want to pretend I was ok and live this fake life anymore.

The truth is I had fallen in love with this guy who I would never have irl (he was from another country).

So I 'divorced' him and tried to do what my friend said.

After lots of tears and anger me and him finally had a talk which led to some 'rp sex' causing me to get my hopes up thinking that maybe he wanted to get back together.

Of course everyone was happy I was back and I resumed djing with friends.

But then 3 days back in the game, I just realized to myself that I didnt want to do this anymore.

Well I was trapped with all these feelings, seeing him on skype and imvu was so hard.

So about 3 days ago, this time without telling anyone, I gave my account away to a trusted friend.

He changed the password and I toldhim he coud do whatever he wanted with it. Being away from imvu has helped me and each day that I'm away I feel stronger, but there is still a part of me that feels sad whenever my ex messages me on skype.

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