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This is the second edition of the ‘Bot like Me Symposium’ in relationship with the ! The first took place at the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris in December 2016, and a third will be held in June at the EPFL Art Lab in Lausanne, Switzerland.- – sessions with Christopher Noessel, Joël Vacheron, Steve Omohundro, Liz Klinger - – break - – closing panel: the bot makers – dinner and “Botluck” DJ set by Forlove (Jasper Speicher). By building networks in science, technology, art, and innovation, she has spearheaded interdisciplinary programs at the edges of art/technology and art/science.Bring a vinyl record (or USB stick) with a robot-themed song to be included. She believes in the power of dialogue and is passionate about finding new talent with a creative approach to technology.

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They are contemporary artists working on, and with, the Internet.

Their practice expands from the digital to physical spaces, often intentionally applying loss of control to challenge established structures and mechanisms.

Today, we have more smart machines around us, more bots than humans on the web, virtual assistants in our homes, bedrooms and pockets.

The Bot Like Me symposium invites designers, technologists, artists, and writers to share perspectives on the growing intimacy and emotional relationships we have with algorithms, data, and machines – and the impact they all have on us.

The virtual assistant is designed to let people describe issues, and respond with suggestions from the user manual or help documents, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

And, in the spring, Facebook unveiled its ‘M’ digital assistant that aims to suggest ‘helpful actions’ in the Messenger platform.

Luc Meier Luc Meier is a former Associate Director of swissnex San Francisco, Luc was instrumental in setting up the organization’s art-technology interface program with partners such as the Swiss Arts Council, Pro Helvetia and a broad range of U. Luc is currently the Head of Content and curator in chief for the Art Lab Initiative at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).

EPFL Art Lab is a programmatic initiative aiming to position the school’s research-education-tech transfer pipeline in the cultural domain through public programs combining art, science and technology. Mediengruppe Bitnik live and work in Zurich/Berlin.

But, firms that have employed the chatbots say the use of certain tools, such as emojis, has worked against them.‘Emojis just didn’t communicate our level of trust and sensitivity to our customers,’ Sheri Rhodes, CTO at Western Union, told CIO Journal.‘It’s not a time to be cute or funny.

Smiley faces don’t work.’Microsoft revealed earlier this year that it would be rolling out an AI chatbot that can be used to respond to call center requests.

Sophie’s most recent initiative is , a testing lab for interactive projects.

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