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At this time the only supported way to configure the the Default User profile using a copy of a configured profile is to use the next method described here, the automated profile copy associated with using Sysprep. id=887816), Minisetup was modified so that it will copy customizations from the local administrator account to the default user profile.

All subsequent versions of Windows will also do this with the proper entries in the answer file.

This process was designed to avoid the problems with method A and is already automated.

setup is updating registry settings windows 7-50

If it is newer, Update Agent will apply the newer Novell Client Properties File settings and will then display the date and time of the currently applied file in the "Latest Novell Client Properties File" field of the Update Agent tab in the Novell Client Properties.

Note: The Client Update Agent method does not provide for removing entries that are not controllable through setting the entry.

Also, the Default User profile contains some single run actions that occur when the user logs in for the first time, which then setup that user by running those custom actions.

If you overwrite the Default User profile, those single run actions do not take place.

This was previously documented in numerous Knowledge Base articles (which have now been deleted).

A tool called Copy Profile was even created to script this process during unattended installations of Windows XP.

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Anyone who had been doing operating system deployments long enough has had to deal with configuring default settings for users that log on to the computer after the image is deployed.

The values for various Windows operating systems are as follows: Windows 10Windows 8 V6.02Windows Server 2008 R2 V6.01Windows 7 V6.01Windows Vista V6.00 To verify the OS_VERSION on a given workstation, add the following two lines to the login script, and ensure the "Display results window" checkbox in the Novell Login "Script" tab has been checked.

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