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The show featured an original soundtrack which was created by a team of pop producers and writers in the UK, led by Take That member Gary Barlow.The show has been compared to the popular musicals High School Musical and Fame.She has a relationship with teacher Stefan, and leaves Britannia High at the end of the series to be with him.

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Claudine begins dating Danny at the end of episode 6, after revealing to Danny that her mother abused her as a child, but their relationship ends during the finale.

He's a genuine, down-to-earth guy with a passion for performing, who also has dyslexia.

Britannia High was commissioned by ITV from ITV plc's in-house production division.

After low ratings, ITV did not commission a second series.

In addition to Arlene Phillips managing the choreography, Gary Barlow was heavily involved in providing the score of Britannia High.

Guy Chambers, Steve Mac, Andy Hill, Mark Owen, James Bourne and Elliot Kennedy also contributed to the musical component of the show.She works in a restaurant when not studying at Britannia High, and her main strength is singing.She struggles to hit high notes, which Claudine seizes advantage of. Claudine will do anything to make it; including sabotaging other people. She can be quite mean to Lauren, possibly because of her crush on Danny.His parents died when he was eight years old and he has a brother, Julius, who died during the episode 'Go Your Own Way'.Ronnie Nuttal is a quirky girl who works at the canteen at Britannia High.She hopes that her dinner lady job at the school will open doors and present new opportunities.

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