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what happens to the tens of thousands of violent criminals in prisons??

In a farming community where religion/moral values are generally much higher than urban dwellers, the problems of violence will be much reduced.

Thirty years ago, nailing an Asian chick was a consolation. Some think they are entitled to help in the choice of a mate because marriage unites not only a man and a woman, but two families.

Wirtschaftsanwlte beraten Unternehmen und sample profile headline for dating sites Unternehmer in allen Fragen des Wirtschaftsrechts.

Most LEO’s have families and a desire for self-preservation.

If the collapse involves monetary problems (like no paychecks) the officers will not be reporting to duty, they’ll be protecting their own.

And when it happens it will spread like a ruptured gasoline storage tank afire.

LE forces will be quickly overwhelmed and retreat to a safe place/bunker for self-preservation.

In that article we were deliberately trying to look at a ‘best case scenario’ (don’t laugh – the collapse of cities taking a week or two is, alas, a best case scenario! Our projection was based on the ‘best case’ hope that people would remain passive for a few days and it would only be when people realized no help was coming and they were starting to starve that things would turn truly nasty. Dan’, wrote in to share his perspective of what might go down, and alas, it is not nearly as sunny and optimistic as our earlier best case hope. There will not be days of ambiguity before things start to fail.

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