Sametime business card not updating

IBM® Connections is social networking software for businesses.IBM Connections is a Web-based application that provides a set of features which help people to communicate and interact more effectively across an organization.

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IBM Sametime on AIX or Linux is installed on an IBM Domino server.

You can stop a Sametime server without stopping the Domino server from running.

Alternatively, you can view the console in a telnet session by issuing the following commands: command against Domino without first shutting down Sametime services, then crash-on-shutdown events and long restart times can result.

This sort of shutdown can also trigger crashes of other servers within a Community Services Cluster.

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All views and opinions on this blog is definitely my own and does not necessarily reflect those of my employer.For example, you might need to shut down Sametime services while you make configuration changes on the Sametime Community Server, but you need to leave the Domino server running so you can access Domino databases on the server.Once the server is running, you can interact with the server console by using the Administrator Client Server console.You can manage the Sametime application through the deployment's central Sametime System Console.However, any Web Sphere Application Server administration (such as starting and stopping servers) occurs directly on each server, using its own Integrated Solutions Console.You have this configuration type if you installed different Sametime servers on the same machine or on multiple machines that are not clustered.

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