Ryan higa dating tarynn

He is very famous Youtube personality and is also an actor by profession. He has been active in Youtube since his highschool days and they all started with lip-synching to songs.

He became active from mid 2006 and his journey continues.

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Ryan Higa is famous American You Tube celebrity with You Tube user name “Nigahiga” which has about 3 million subscribers.

They said in an interview that their mutual friend met them to each other and later started dating.

I suppose that is why she is no longer in his videos.

He was dating Tarynn Nago but they had to break up because he moved to Nevada for college but that's not the point!

There had also been times when he was reported to have violated copyright policies and some videos were removed too.

How To Be Gangster and How To Be Emo are couple of them.

Bus sadly in late 2010 she broke up relation, because alleged him as a gay.

Internet sensational and actor, Ryan has estimated net worth of million dollars in 2016 and massive amounts of salary as well.

As per rumors as well as facts known so far, Higa is single.

He had dated some girls in the past but is not dating anyone currently.

There is not much information about his personal life over the internet though.

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