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This is most probably the root user or any other user yiu've coped the contents of the crontab file. If you want someother user should receive the emails of that cron job then add MAILTO="[email protected] The cron job would look like this MAILTO="[email protected]

rrd files not updating cacti-26

That way, we could tune the polling and RRD update process separately and have a process where the RRD updates happen more slowly during peak times of load. Check out the patches on the cacti site, or upgrade to *h.

2) In the case above where cactid got stuck, once I'd cleared out some seemingly bogus entries it looked like cactid was trying to read the entire table into memory all at once - naturally it failed and just crashed silently. I've got a Su SE box (Su SE is still at v 0.8.6g) with the problem, and reloading snmpd seemed to get the graphs going again, but applying tha patch is painless and way more effective, getting rid of all the drop-outs. I, too, am running into an issue where only some of my graphs have =20 stopped updating. I have cleared poller cache (via web interface) several times, even =20 stopped the cron job, disabled polling, cleared cached and re-enabled =20= everything. I tried to disable a couple of the devices =20 affected and waited 2-3 polling cycles and re-enabled, no change.

I have configured few stations including Cisco router itself to test it out, and I am getting blank graphs after days. 07/27/2012 PM - POLLER: Poller[0] DEBUG: About to Spawn a Remote Process [CMD: /usr/bin/php, ARGS: -q "/var/www/html/cacti/cmd.php" 0 5] 07/27/2012 PM - POLLER: Poller[0] NOTE: Poller Int: '60', Cron Int: '60', Time Since Last: '60', Max Runtime '58', Poller Runs: '1' Does this mean my poller is not setup properly? Thank you, With monday.com’s project management tool, you can see what everyone on your team is working in a single glance.

I turned on graph debug mode, and the error I get is: ----------------------- RRDTool Says: ERROR: opening '/usr/share/cacti/rra/mpls Permission denied ----------------------- I tried giving full permission to the file and linking it properly to /var/www/html/cacti/rra to link to /usr/share/cacti/rra , but maybe I'm doing things wrong. As a temporal solution give 777 permission to the whole /usr/share/cacti/rra/ folder . If that works check the ownership of the folder, I don't remember under which user cacti runs, properly chown and chmod the folder. It's been about 20 minutes since and I do not see any graphs still, and the rrd files have been recreated. Its intuitive dashboards are customizable, so you can create systems that work for you.

I still cannot figure out why the data is not collecting in the graphs.

I'm guessing somehow I have improperly setup poller settings?

Today I tried the same thing, after an recommendation on this list, but I still got the error.

Then I moved the whole Cacti to another place for an hour and then moved it back....nothing happen. Br Ricky Schneberger From: Brett Looney aurrd-files will not be touched.

chmod -R 777 /usr/share/cacti/rra Delete everything inside that folder. Thank you, I have disabled SELinux, and graph grids now show.

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