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There is attraction and their bond is very special. It is Leonardo di Caprio story from his Titanic era all over again: every girl he is seen with is his girlfriend.It is supposed to be Emilie de Ravin, 27, Claire Littleton from Lost at the moment.A reporter asks him something stupid about his hair, he makes a dumb joke about never washing it, and suddenly his clip file grows fat with stories about his deplorable personal hygiene.

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Two years ago, Robert Pattinson was a forgotten extra in a ' Harry Potter' movie.

Since then, the vampire flick has created an international frenzy -- and the GQ cover guy is finally dishing on his audition, Stewart, and the truth behind those girlfriend rumors!

In the April 2009 issue of the magazine, Pattinson revealed that before auditioning for the role of Edward Cullen, he was so shaken up that he popped an anti-anxiety pill!

The pretty young thing was most recently spotted with Rpattz on October 15 at downtown Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater, enjoying a Kings of Leon concert together.

Hold your breath….are stilling waiting for confirmation from either rep…We’ll keep you posted!

We spend a Tuesday afternoon with Pattinson, in a little bakerycafé on Doheny Drive, in West Hollywood, and the whole time, he seems to be telling the truth compulsively, heedlessly, helplessly, as if he'd been shot with a sodium pentothal dart while parking his car."I just say the first thing that comes into my head," he said, "out of nervousness.

I don't want there to be a silence, because I'll start crying." in which Pattinson, 22, plays an adorably tortured permateenage vampire too principled to drink human blood, has been in theaters for about a month.

Recently there was a rumour that Robert who is in NY filming Remember Me talks every day to Kristen, who is in LA filming The Runaways.

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