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Just look at her dating choices after Snipes--David Justice (where's that high yella negro now?

dating tip from the animal kingdom - Rick fox and alicia keys dating

Insiders are telling us that despite his public appearance of a dotting husband, producer Swizz Beatz is allegedly still hooking up with his ex-wife, singer Mashonda, behind Alicia Keys’ back.

The insider says that although Alicia is very accommodating, Swizz is allegedly a notorious cheater and “just can’t help himself.” Our source says that Mashonda considers this the “ultimate payback” to Alicia, who started dating Swizz while he was still married and very much together with Mashonda.

If Obama didn't have a White mother, would White people have accepted himand supported him the way that they have Most of his financial backing came from White people People talk about how beautifil Halle Berry is, and they talk about how beautiful Alicia Keys is Are mixed people seen as the standard of beauty in the Black community?

“It works.” Actor and former basketball player Fox, who walked the red carpet with his actress girlfriend, says cohabitating has “been great” so far.

But besides spending more time with his leading lady, whom he’s been officially dating since last October, he says the best part is having his own personal stylist on hand around the clock. Stars’ Summer Lovin’ “I look the way I look because our relationship is strong enough that I can put on a bunch of bad clothes and she can re-dress me,” Fox explains.

“Tonight, I had work on my mind and I just threw something on.” Dushku, 29, says living with Fox, 41, has opened her eyes to his fashion .

Guests included Olivia Culpo, frequent Basel attendee Eva Longoria and Mark Ronson.

Partygoers drank gin cocktails from neon glowing light bulb glasses and took 3-D images in a tricked out photo booth.

Let me tell you, sistagirl is FUNNY, a complete riot!

She’s very personable and down-t0-earth and will carry on a conversation with you as if she’s known you forever. Last night, while enjoying a night out on the town, I met Kym’s brother!

Her leading men in film post her Oscar win were Hugh Jackman, Bruce Willis and 007 himself. Damn near half of that blacks in Hollywood got a White mother Then we have to ask the question does having a White parent help you becomesuccessful in America1.

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