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the business known as Thomas Forrest was at Market St, Pontypridd from 1868 to 1926.

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There are separate surname indexes to each of the old counties of Wales including Monmouthshire.

The Glamorgan index does not include Cardiff as there was already a significant published index, but eventually I hope to create my own and add it to the site.

Comparing the addresses of photographers printed on cartes-de-visite or cabinet prints with the dates they appear in directories should give an approximate date of the photograph.

Unfortunately some photographers stayed at the same address for many years, e.g.

The miners’ own voices, telling us something of their experiences, can be heard throughout the records.

We’ll be presenting some interesting finds from the archive in the coming weeks and months, so please keep an eye on the blog for further updates.Glaciers nearer the coast of North Wales were most responsive to fluctuations in climate during the YDC, responding to sea-ice enforced continentality during the coldest phases of the stadial and to abrupt warming at the end of the stadial. The project is opening up the hidden stories of Derbyshire’s coal miners contained within the archive of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) Derbyshire Area, as well as the history of trade unionism throughout the county.There are obviously directories elsewhere which could be consulted, so it pays to consult all available published lists of photographers, as other researchers will have had access to a different selection.See below for a list of the directories used and links to other indexes or websites.I have retained the spelling of place names, as they appear in the directories.

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