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On Rotten Tomatoes the film has a rating of 80%, based on 197 reviews, with an average score of 7.3/10.

The site's critical consensus reads, "Ambitious to a fault, The Place Beyond the Pines finds writer/director Derek Cianfrance reaching for—and often grasping—thorny themes of family, fatherhood, and fate." Writing for the Indiewire "Playlist" blog, Kevin Jagernauth praised the film as an "ambitious epic that is cut from some of the same thematic tissue as Cianfrance's previous film, but expands the scope into a wondrously widescreen tale of fathers, sons and the legacy of sins that are passed down through the generations".

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Luke attempts to rob a bank alone, but is pursued by police.

Luke is cornered in a house by rookie police officer Avery Cross (Cooper) and calls Romina, asking her not to tell Jason who he was.

Maya Gallo is a journalist with a temper she cannot control. She upsets that particular show's anchor-woman--and does so while airing. "Blush" is the lively fashion magazine headed up by Maya's Dad.

She has made use of some silly copy--placed on the station's tele-prompter--definitely: not cool. She knows she needs to get employed fast; and Maya's Dad is Okay with Maya working at the fashion magazine.

Luke insists on resuming their bank robberies, but Robin objects, and the two have a falling-out that results in Robin dismantling Luke’s motorcycle.

Luke robs Robin at gunpoint, and uses the money to buy a new bike.

In The Daily Telegraph, Robbie Collin drew attention to the film's "lower-key and largely unstarry third act" that was criticized in early reviews.

"In fact, it’s the key to deciphering the entire film," he wrote.

The fashionable ensemble of characters with their quirky conflicts keep the sitcom lively.

After the murder of his wife, vegetarian restaurant chef and critic Matt pursues an online relationship with Callie who owns a guest house on an island. See full summary » A study in family dysfunction, this intense crime story revolves around a series of interviews with inmate, Joel Stabler, who is being examined by a psychiatrist charged with determining ...

The film ended up earning ,403,519 in North America and ,082,089 internationally for a total of ,485,608, above its million production budget.

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