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Check out what she had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers. RACHEL NICHOLS: The director, Josh Waller, is a very, very dear friend of mine.

How did you gauge just how far to push things with the violence in this, before you cross the line into exploitation and totally turn off audiences? I knew that it was going to be brutal and aggressive. And I knew that there would be people who just thought it was misogynistic, over-the-top or anti-woman. But knowing Josh personally, he’s not like that, at all. At the beginning of Season 3, you learn a lot more about The Freelancers.

I can’t say how, but I can say that Kiera ends up going back in time to the point where Alec went back in time to save Emily (Magda Apanowicz).

It was getting late and things were going well, but I was wearing heels and I was on an oil rig. Zoe is not only extremely good at what she does, stunt wise, but she’s also super cool, she’s easy to be around, and she’s really fun.

I ducked a punch, but I came up too early and Zoe clocked me in the face. I was excited to work with her because I hadn’t seen her since Alias, and Josh had always spoken so highly of her.

NICHOLS: Once you know the space, it’s actually not so bad, or at least I didn’t find it so bad. Obviously, we’re not going to be full-speed sprinting, or doing anything like that. You look at the setting you’re going to be in, and you just work from there.

You know what you’ve got to work with, and you make the best of it.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Rachel Nichols talked about how she got involved with this project, why Jamie was the character she ended up playing, how this was not her first time going head-to-head with experienced and accomplished stuntwoman/actress Zoe Bell, what it was like to do fight scenes in such a confined space, how much her role changed in the final film, gauging just how far they could push the violence, and how freeing it was to do the fight scenes in such a stripped down way.

She also talked about her sci-fi TV series Continuum, currently shooting its third season, and what fans can expect.

If it's true that 'We are what we eat,' most of us would be unrecognizable during the period that ranges from the night before Thanksgiving through that day in early January when everyone decides to return to the gym. Nichols began modeling while attending Columbia University in New York City.

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