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Here we have Harris pretty much shrugging off any responsibility for his book being used improperly. Is it right for someone who “championed” the courtship/group approach to so easily say that it is beyond his control?

Certainly with any approach there will be abuses but can and should an author so easily wash his hands of any wrongdoing?

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BTW, it isn’t the intent of this blog to compete with the other blog.

This blog is getting much more specific than the other blog.

I am reading a book “How to Get a Date Worth Keeping” by Dr. Someone on another discussion list posted a concern about how not dating might be harmful to her sons development as they matured.

I was shocked at how applicable a section of this author’s was to what was discussed and how it explained in professional terms this mother’s concern about the group approach/courtship. It certainly gives a different view than Josh Harris will tell you.

The one thing I seen in these discussions is a lot of people stepping up and saying how well the system Harris promotes worked for them.

I am sure there are some out there; hearing almost silence makes me wonder just how well this approach has worked for anyone. Return to Main Page revised 2/25/08 Tags: Betrothal, C.

Some of my thoughts on the “kissing dating goodbye” philosophy include Recently I have come across a few books written by Dr.

This morning I am beginning a new Sunday series called “The Bestsellers.” The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association tracks sales of Christian books, and awards the Platinum Book Award for books whose sales exceed one million, and the Diamond Book Award for sales exceeding ten million.

Both were single into their 30’s so had considerable experience as a single person.

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