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Back then, cell phones were bricks and apps were what you ordered at a restaurant. Here are some of the best Quicken alternatives available: If budgeting and cost are what you're focused on, is a solid alternative to Quicken.While it has been re-written and re-built, it's faced all sorts of technical issues and its standing has eroded. It lives in the cloud, you can access your data anywhere and it synchs with everything Quicken does out of the box.If you're more interested in how your investment account is performing and less interested in just knowing how much you're spending on groceries, then Personal Capital is a great Quicken alternative (but it'll also pull your credit card transactions so you will know how much you spent on groceries if you want! Personal Capital is a full-featured, and free, personal finance management tool that focuses on helping you with investing.

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The goal of Mint was always to be a budgeting app and with that in mind, they do a very good job.

If you are sick of Quicken and focus primarily on expense tracking, Mint is a good Quicken alternative.

(if you own Quicken for Mac, you know this headache first hand! In 2016, Intuit sold Quicken to private equity firm H. (if you download and upload QIFs, double check the financial instituation is supported) Mint is free.

If you're a long time user of Quicken, you're probably beyond the “help me with my budget” phase.

Count About was designed specifically to be a Quicken alternative.

Founded in mid-2012, it is the only personal finance app that will import data directly from Quicken.

The reality is that Quicken isn't what it used to be.

It's hard to innovate on a platform first built in 1983. 🙂If you're tired of Quicken and want to find a suitable free alternative or replacement, we have some options.

As in you feed it your Quicken file and it'll populate itself – that'll make the transition far less painful!

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