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You’ve probably talked about most of them, but you may have avoided a few. Most likely you will find that you gain confidence in your decision to marry as a result of attending a marriage preparation program.Occasionally, attending a marriage preparation program can make you realize that it isn’t the right time to marry, or that this may not be the right person.The following questions will work for both men and women.

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When you play the game, try to incorporate multiple topics to test a couple's knowledge in multiple areas of their lives together.

Over the course of the game, combine questions with a yes or no answer with those that require more detailed responses.

Is it necessary to feel “chemistry” between us for this to be the right person to marry?

Chemistry, or feeling like you “click” with another person, is a natural part of a deepening relationship, and a wonderful part of falling in love, but unfortunately, chemistry is sometimes confused with infatuation, which can be fleeting.

Take for example a couple who did not know each other as kids.

Asking an easy question like "What was the name of your spouse's elementary school? These very basic questions can induce hilarity, while weakening your strongest players.Although every marriage relationship is unique, there are many tips experienced couples can share that will help you when you face bumps in your own marriage.Marriage preparation programs also give you an opportunity to talk with each other about the wide spectrum of “must-have conversations” before marriage.You can give husbands and wives their own copies of the questions, allow them to answer them separately and then come together to see how many answers they got correct, or simply use the list as a conversation starter during dinner.The following printable question list is in format and is free for you to download and use.The Newlywed Game is the perfect game to play at a dinner party with other couples, and at bridal showers and engagement parties.

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