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The NIPR gives details of not only Anglican churches but Catholic and Nonconformist as well. Edmund George Benson "late Captain of the Royal Wiltshire Militia". We think that you should firstly search for his death past 1962 when he would still have been only 81 years old. John and William Axford who were in Parkhurst Prison in 1841, transported to New Zealand in 1842 and subsequently returned to England. The records of Parkhurst prisoners for the period 1838 to 1875 are held at the UK National Archives in the HO24/1 series.These books also list Yorkshire Record Offices (of which there are many). We think that your best chance of unravelling this is to consult LDS film 0917276 which contains the Records of Officers Services for the Royal Wiltshire Regiment of Militia from 1835 to 1893. About 7% of the male population were living beyond that age at that time. These would normally give the details of their offence, the date of their conviction and sentence, their occupation, character, state of health and physical characteristics. Henry Scatchard, a plumber and glazier, said to have created a stained glass window in a Leeds church, can I search for him in occupation records?

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“ Permanent Collections From time to time, thanks to generous donations received from our ever generous patrons, we are able to make significant additions to our permanent collections. The material can be in the form of microfilm, microfiche, CDs/DVDs or books but it must have fairly widespead appeal and must not already be, or likely to be soon, on-line and preferably not something readily available elsewhere in Toronto. We have entertained the idea (as we feel sure you have) that he emigrated and have searched the 19 censuses of the USA, the Ellis Island immigration, the SSI death index, Ontario marriages and deaths, Manitoba deaths, B. marriages and deaths and New South Wales marriages and deaths, without success. Since they were 17 and 15 and unmarried their father's name might also appear. The combination of plumber and glazier is a common one since both trades required a skill of working with lead but we know of no records of these trades.

We would like suggestions from readers of the Bulletin as to what they would like the Toronto Family History Centre to hold. Details can be found on bad news is that for the National Archives to do the search the charge is £60 but you might well be able to find a private researcher to do the job more cheaply. To pursue the idea that he might have been responsible for the stained glass window you could try parish chest records to see if their is any record of a payment to him but there is always the possibility that the window was donated and payment to Mr Scatchard was made by the donor.

If you come across these they are a gold mine, since they usually give in a baptismal entry not only the name of the father but the mother's name, father's occupation, and the names of both grandfathers and parishes of residence, thus taking you back another generation and to other places.

In 1812 a further new system was introduced extending the amount of information given but, ironically, giving less information than had previously occurred under Dade Registers.

There is no overall guide to which parishes had Dade Registers but you will certainly know them when you see them.

Finally, if you want to know what parish had what registers you really should obtain one of two books - Yorkshire Parish Registers by Colin Blanshard Withers, which covers all Anglican parishes in Yorkshire with full details of when the registers begin, where the originals are held and what copies exist; or the National Index of Parish Registers, Volume 11 Parts 2 and 3, published by the Society of Genealogists (in two volumes, one covering the North and East Ridings and the other, Part 3, the West Riding). the disappearance after WW1 of Ernest Joseph Gloster.

Our present collections tend to be biased toward the UK and this represents the interests of a large number of our patrons but this may be a chicken and egg situation - maybe we would attract larger numbers of members of other communities if our collections covered their interests. Favourite UK County Sites The county for next week will be Wiltshire. Volunteers will look up specific names in local records, including census records, some parish registers, directories, Monumental Inscriptions, and references in some books. of the series of sites – growing – cemetery indexes – volunteer transcribers.

Please send us details of the sites you fine useful outlining what can be found on those sites. Here are the contributions from a number of readers (we have eliminated duplicates). This is a new site, started in March, relating to the Briercliife area near Burnley in north-east Lancashire. wills, parish records, census, plus names of interest and queries, and histories of old houses in the area, on the site. Part of the local bmd sites – please note that all records for Ashton-under-Lyne are on this site rather than the Lancs BMD site – confusing I know!

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