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It has been difficult in Poland to speak about the War because so many events were shrouded in secrecy, the truth rewritten and distorted.

In Jedwabne, for instance, an official monument declared “Place of martyrdom of the Jewish people.

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He quotes a Jewish resident of the Warsaw Ghetto, Emanuel Ringelblum, who wrote in his diary that on November 18, 1940 – the day the Jews were confined to the ghetto – “many Christians brought bread for the Jewish acquaintances and friends”. One Christian Pole was observed “throwing a sack of bread over the wall” – and was promptly murdered by the Nazis for aiding Jews. Yet historians have also documented many troubling instances of Polish antisemitism during the Holocaust as well.

An inscription in the Memorial Book for Polish town of Skierniewice sums up Poland’s wartime atmosphere: “Sometimes a mere gesture of sympathy shown to those (Jews) persecuted could easily cost a life.” Tragically, historians have documented many instances of Poles being murdered for helping, or even betraying empathy with, Jews. Even as he documented inspiring instances of Polish resistance and heroism, Martin Gilbert acknowledged that “many Poles looked with satisfaction at the Jews being moved into the (Warsaw) ghetto, even gloating….” The United States Holocaust Museum has documented that "As German forces implemented the killing, they drew upon some Polish agencies, such as Polish police forces and railroad personnel, in the guarding of ghettos and the deportation of Jews to the killing centers.

And inside Poland armed resistance to the German occupation was widespread….

All of these truths contribute to Poland's image of itself as an innocent and noble victim of foreign violence and intrigue.

In fact, one of the most infamous massacres of Jews on Polish soil cannot be blamed on Nazi occupiers; it occurred after the Holocaust.

Before World War II, the Polish town of Kielce was home to about 18,000 Jews.

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Poland is soon to unveil plans to make it illegal to refer to “Polish Death Camps”.

Hitler's Gestapo and gendarmerie burned 1,600 people alive, July 10, 1941.” No mention was made of the large role ordinary Poles played in the massacre.

Poles are also sensitive to any attempt to minimize their suffering during World War II.

Poland suffered greatly during World War II, and there were many heroic instances of individual Poles risking their lives to save Jews.

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