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Marinus Schimmel, Director of BAM Infra Nederland bv: ‘We are connecting for the future.

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After completing the low-speed tests, Hardt will aim to build a test facility that will enable the testing of all the systems at high speed.

This test facility will be used to test aspects such as the technology involved in cornering and the changing of lanes within the vacuum tube at top speed.

Together with the European construction company BAM, they have built a 30-metre long test facility to test the technology for this futuristic transport system.

Hardt is the first European company to develop the hyperloop and has also announced its plans to create an operational hyperloop system.

This location provides scope for research into, for example, the social integration and social acceptance of the new transport method.

A hyperloop will enable people and goods to travel at speeds of more than a thousand kilometres per hour through tubes with very low air resistance.

Unlike train travel, the hyperloop would not make any intermediate stops during its journey, but would arrive at its destination uninterrupted.

Tim Houter, CEO of Hardt: ‘We are creating a world where distance no longer matters.

Minister Schultz: ‘In terms of transportation, a new age has begun with self-driving vehicles, platooning trucks, and drones.

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