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The congregation of First Baptist Paducah would use this building until March of 1861 when plans were approved to build a new church building at the southwest corner of 5th and Jefferson Streets.

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Twenty-one charter members made the constitution official on December 14, 1840.

With no funds available for a building of their own yet, the church met at the Mc Cracken County Courthouse for two years.

Now that the show’s over, Benberry and Kelce are free to date like normal people.

After filming ended in April they were able to ditch the cameras, but could only see each other in secret — her in Los Angeles, him in Kansas. began airing promotions for the TV show in August, however, producers put an end to their visits. Monday is the soonest they can see each other, with Kelce busy with the Chiefs and Benberry back in Paducah.

TV’s reality dating show “Catching Kelce” has aired, Paducah native Maya Benberry can say it: She caught Kelce. We wrapped up filming the finale April 8, and we’ve had to keep things a secret since,” she said. To me and him, it feels like a fresh start.” By “winning” E!

’s first reality TV dating show, Benberry doesn’t get a marriage proposal or monetary prize, but merely the favor of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Fellow contestant Lexi Noel actually drove up to Paducah from her home state of Georgia on Wednesday to watch the finale with Benberry at Walker Hall.

“Some of us, we just feel like the show could have been so much better.

“I just want to show that you can go for things and make it happen.

You can be a minority or be from a small town and move to L. You just have to believe in yourself, know what you want and tunnel in on that end goal.” Frustrations aside, Benberry doesn’t regret her decision to take part in “Catching Kelce.” She went into it for the experience and the chance to get her name out there, and she certainly got that.

For example, Benberry said the majority of the girls in the “Catching Kelce” mansion grew to be close friends, but the warm and fuzzy moments don’t get shown.

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