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“The con artists will go through the site, search for people who are in prominent positions and when they find these people, they go through who their friends are on Linked In,” he said.“Then they will look at their interests and they will go back and create a profile that they think will appeal to [their target] personally.” The scammers will then start befriending the friends of their victims before approaching their target directly, he said, first on Linked In, then using other social media such as Facebook.

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Mr Michaux said his firm had been contacted by authorities to help with investigations into such scams and also by individuals asking for help.

It gets anything from five to 10 requests for help on such matters each month.

Bateman initially claimed he was in the area just to see the seaside quayside, a patch of walkway the council converts into a makeshift beach each year.

Prosecutor Emma Downing said: “He said his only intention was to look at the Quayside beach and denied sexual motivation.

We are the watchdog service that consistently asks the right questions in order to eliminate any risk of financial victimization.

Our members have saved in excess of M in potential losses to date.

“If you use Skype and you see messages pop up from people you don’t know – these types of pop-ups are usually the start to a scam.” Eric Eifert, senior vice president of managed security services at UAE cyber security company Dark Matter, said extortion was a growing problem.

“These include threats of disclosing sensitive information publicly unless a payment is provided,” he said Padmanabhan S V, chief technology officer at Noor Bank, said harassment or financial blackmailing on social media was an increasingly prevalent cyber crime.

“More awareness is needed in this,” said Mr Michaux.

“If someone approached you who is unknown you need to be wary.

Judge Amanda Rippon handed him a suspended sentence – because of his immaturity, vulnerability and low intellect.

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