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The website was founded in 2003 and attracts millions of visitors until now .

It counts 55 million members and this i OS version is just increasing this number.

What they discovered when they looked past the fence was the ball sitting right in front of them.

And about ten feet over to the side were the two players sitting down eating some wild blackberries.

To the surprise of many, the players from both teams proceeded to jump the fence and join them, delaying the game for quite some time.

This has since become a reminder not to miss the blessings around us, and these unexpected times of blessing are to be known as “blackberry moments.”Ernie has never forgotten this day, and he has retold this story many times.

Want a blackberry curve theme about motocross, or a blackberry bold theme armored up with guns and ammo, or maybe a blackberry storm theme with tinkerbell.

All of these are very available for download online.We live in a world that doesn’t make time for any “blackberry moments” anymore.You might have heard the story told by sportscaster Ernie Johnson from his childhood in little league.Click below to let us know you read this article, and wiki How will donate to World Possible on your behalf.Thanks for helping us achieve our mission of helping people learn how to do anything.Blackberry moments are about finding time to enjoy the journey.

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