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Both jumping rounds counted towards the individual results.

Only the top 25 horse and rider pairs (including ties for 25th) after the first jumping round (adding the three components) competed in the second jumping round.

Brianne competes in heptathalon for Team Canada and recently won an Olympic Bronze medal at this year’s Rio 2016 Olympic Games, while Ashton is a world record holder and a #London2012 Olympic gold medalist in decathalon.

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This must make for a unique and interesting dynamic for the Olympic couple.

Imagine competing against your boyfriend for an Olympic gold medal.

The winning jump of 6.10 metres (20.0 ft) was considered unimpressive, but was in part due to heavy ground caused by rain earlier on the day of the competition.

The silver medal was won by an Italian competitor Gian Giorgio Trissino, who also won the joint gold medal in the Equestrian high jump competition.

The team and individual eventing competitions used the same scores.

Eventing consisted of a dressage test, a cross-country test, and a jumping test. After the first jumping round, the teams results were determined.However, each nation was limited to a maximum of three pairs qualifying for the second (final) jumping round.The 1900 Summer Olympics was the only Olympic Games to date to feature an Equestrian long jump competition.Able to advise one another in competition, Tiffany and Kent also share something else: the will to win, even if that means beating one another in the ring.Even so, they remain incredibly supportive of each other—perhaps a reason behind their collective strong performances at the Olympics, with a Team Silver for Kent and a double clear on Team Final day for Tiffany.I don’t really fancy being a full-time dad.’ According to a friend, Dempsey became a regular on the party scene after his success at London 2012.

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