Of oil painting at bamyan in afghanistan predating european

Plus, the many cupules found carved into vertical walls are unlikely to be utilitarian.

The paintings at the Sulawesi Caves of Indonesia contain one of the oldest representative paintings ever created.

At 35,400 years old, they’re nearly as old as several ancient examples of nonrepresentative art, including the older El Castillo Cave Paintings (40,800 years old) and the Chauvet cave paintings (37,000 years old).

The fragments were designed using multiple pigments and engraved with hatching motifs.

Two different main motifs were recorded: a hatched band and another using sub-parallel or converging lines.

The base shows evidence that it was carved flat, so as to stand upright.

The case for this figure has been further strengthened by similar discoveries throughout the nearby regions, such as the Tan Tan figurine of Morocco (300,000–500,000 years old).The age was determined using uranium-series dating of mineral coatings on top of the sediment layer holding the paintings (the paintings themselves could be older).If radiocarbon testing determines that it is older than the sediments, it might also be the oldest painting of any kind ever discovered.The oldest examples of prehistoric rock art found to date are a form of pictograph that archaeologists call “cupules” (cup-marks), which are sometimes accompanied with linear carved grooves.Cupules are depressions carved into both horizontal and vertical rock, often arranged systematically into rows or columns.Discovered in the Golan Heights in Israel, it’s called the Venus of Berekhat Ram.

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