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There is evidence that prior to 100 AD, well before the Christian monastic period, Jewish sages had already identified Jebel Musa as Mount Sinai. seems to have enjoyed special sanctity long before Christian times, culminating in its identification with Mt.Graham Davies of Cambridge University offers evidence that early Jewish pilgrimages had already identified Jebel Musa as Mount Sinai and this identification was later adopted by the Christian pilgrims.[1][2] Harrison states that, “Jebel Musa . Sinai.” [3] In the second and third centuries BC Nabateans were making pilgrimages there, which is indicated in part by inscriptions discovered in the area.[4] Josephus places Mount Sinai between Egypt and Arabia, reflecting the standard rabbinical belief which much have been even older. Sinai as being the exact distance and location from Paran as Egeria who, around 381-384, recorded the distance to Jebel Musa.

[10] Antoninus Martyr provides some support for the ancient sanctity of Jebel Musa by writing that Arabian heathens were still celebrating moon feasts there in the 6th century.

[11] Eckenstien states that some of the artifacts discovered indicate that “the establishment of the moon-cult in the peninsula dates back to the pre-dynastic days of Egypt.”[12] She says the main center of moon worship seems to have been concentrated in the southern Sinai peninsulu which the Egyptians seized from the Semitic people who had built shrines and mining camps there.

To unbelievers descriptions in Exodus , and Judges 5:4 could be read to suggest plasma phenomenon, such as ball lightning or Saint Elmos fire, connected with mountain thunderstorms.

But this does not describe how plasma phenomenon could speak with Moses and give him the ten commandments!!!

Even Jebel Serbal, 20 miles West of Sinai, is at its highest only 6,730 ft.

above the sea.[8] Many scholars believe that Mount Sinai was of ancient sanctity prior to the ascent of Moses [9] Scholars have theorized that Sinai in part derived it’s name from the word for moon which was “sin” (meaning “the moon” or “to shine”).

The highest tops in the Tih desert to the North are not much over 4,000 ft.

Those in Midian, East of Elath, rise only to 4,200 ft.

It does not explain how the very finger of God could write upon stone!

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