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Each member should record his or her design decisions in the worksheets provided.It may also be helpful to cut and paste from this guide into your design document so that new project members can understand previous design decisions.Therefore, your ability to progress on the design will depend on your ability to articulate the value of Active Directory to IT and business decision makers.

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Active Directory for Windows Network Management This guide focuses on providing best practice–based guidance for deploying Active Directory for the purpose of managing networks comprised of Windows clients, Windows servers and Windows-compatible applications and devices.

This guide will refer to this as the network operating system (NOS) management role.

This guide provides a step-by-step methodology based on best practices learned from customers that have already deployed Active Directory in their organizations.

It provides all the tasks and decisions you need to develop an Active Directory design to manage Windows networks.

This includes architects, project managers, system integrators, and consultants.

Because Active Directory is best deployed as a corporate-wide infrastructure, the design team will likely involve many people in your organization.

To help shorten planning cycles and ensure successful deployments Microsoft is publishing a series of scenario-based guides that provide prescriptive, task-based, and solution-oriented guidance. These guides provide a structured approach to designing and deploying Active Directory.

Without this structured approach, implementing Active Directory in your organization can take longer than expected.

It provides a best practice approach to designing Active Directory that combines business and technical guidance to minimize the time and effort required to implement Active Directory in your organization.

It contains worksheets throughout this document that will assist you in recording your design.

A structured approach to Active Directory design makes enterprise-scale directory service deployment straightforward and easy to understand.

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