My computer stuck updating windows

So as usual, the problem seems to affect only a certain percentage of users.

The glitch points out an inherent flaw in Microsoft's new policy of .

Once you are convinced you have a problem, you should power off your machine.

Telugu freexxx - My computer stuck updating windows

The problem, as seen in this case, is that some updates themselves are buggy.

So forcing updates on Windows 10 users is a policy with definite pitfalls.

The reason this is happening is because of a corrupt update or a corrupt update database.

Either way, the fix is pretty simple if you have a basic understanding of computers.

There is a folder under the Windows directory called “Software Distribution“.

This folder is where all Windows Updates are downloaded to and run from as well as the Windows Update database being in here.

The temporary fix involves deleting certain keys in the Registry to get rid of the bad entry and then letting the update try again.

Those of you skilled and comfortable working with the Registry may be fine attempting this procedure, making sure that you back up the associated Registry keys before you delete them.

Those of you not familiar or comfortable working with the Registry should probably hold off until Microsoft comes out with an official fix.

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