My best friend dating my boyfriend

I decided to tell him the truth about my feelings and he said he will take all the steps necessary to improve himself physically as he doesn’t want to lose me. Is he really the man of my life if physically I don’t like him the way he is?Mia, I can’t answer your question, because NOBODY can answer your question. Which would seem to indicate that you should break up with your boyfriend. I’ve put a lot of thought into the pros and cons of how much you should weigh the lack of physical attraction in a relationship.

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My best friend dating my boyfriend

He is not ugly but I don’t like his features and overall appearance.

Physically, I find he is not a “match” for me and I am not proud of being so shallow.

But don’t fight him to change paths simply to suit your own agenda.

I met a man online a few months ago, and, to make a long story short, we met, we are a great match intellectually/emotionally.

I don’t know what to do because other than that he is just perfect and I like him very much, he makes me feel very good.

But I am not sure if I should be making plans with a man I don’t feel much attraction for.

Attraction is the big X Factor in any relationship. I urge you to consider this before taking any rash steps. But realize that in 10 years, you’re 37, raising little ones and your life is no longer your own. By 57, you’re probably finishing menopause and his libido is largely gone.

Reasons for Staying Together Despite a Lack of Physical Attraction Ask most long-term married couples about the relative importance of sex in their lives, they will generally say things like “It’s the dessert, not the main course”. By 67, you’re thinking of retirement, travel and grandkids. Can you see how making a decision based on attraction is a perfect example of short-term thinking?

You’ve been counting on him to follow the traditional, business-minded path you decided would best lead to your dreams of financial support. You’ve invested three and a half years and now he’s changing course? It’s not like he KNOWS what he wants to do with his life, so why not just go with the thing that will make the most money, amiright? Trust me, it’s much better he do some major soul-searching about his future than after graduate school or after he lands a job or after he puts ten years into a soul-sucking career he hates.

If that sounds incredibly lame and selfish it’s because it is. And it’s the right time for you to do some major soul-searching too. Does it mean enough that you’d be willing to give up your fantasy of being financially supported and maybe create a new fantasy – perhaps one that doesn’t involve your boyfriend working a career he isn’t passionate about?

You’re depending on a partner who can be the breadwinner and support you. He’s allowed to change course, especially considering that he isn’t married yet and doesn’t have kids and a family to support (not that he couldn’t make a career change if he did, but it’s decidedly less complicated and risky when one isn’t supporting anyone else).

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