Mike he and hebe tian dating

Hebe being a lesbian is really the most open “secret” in Taiwan entertainment, and even her official fangroup knows it and supports her vocally. With Red Wednesday happen to coincide with breaking news reports that Hebe has been seen house hunting with her ex-girlfriend, there has been a groundswell of fan support for Hebe to come out of the closet and confirm her relationship.

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Trust me when I say a recitation of all the recent good couple news makes sense in the context of a post about the lovely songstress Hebe Tian‘s upcoming third solo album. Like I said, Hebe’s not exactly trying to hide anything.

Hebe has been busy with group activities all year but it makes sense for her to keep striking while the iron is hot and following up last year’s S. The big news now is whether she has in fact gotten back together with her ex-girlfriend and is planning to settle down.

Her music videos has accumulated more than 500 million views on You Tube, and she is currently the Chinese-language female singer with most views on You Tube.

Her music video of "A Little Happiness" has exceeded 100 million views on You Tube, becoming the first Chinese-language music video to do so in the website's history.

Yesterday, on the press conference, the media called him as "Asia first beauty guy", he shyly said that, "before this I only heard about Taiwan first beauty guy". On the way to Japan, which is less than 2 hours journey, he had finished using a box of tissue paper, "the seat full of tissue, I am afaid to let other people see it".

Whereas Hebe and Mike have a good distance between them and thats where things can develop! He said that Japan has a lot of dating place, if have chance and he has a girlfriend, he will bring her to Hokkaido to see snow. Now Taiwan is in cold weather, his old illness appear again.Whatever Hebe wants is cool with me as long as she keeps being an awesome singer and gorgeous spokesmodel for whatever endorsement deal she’s doing. Her latest album with lead single “Insignificant” dropped today so check it out.Hebe went to Iceland to film the MV and the album jacket and she is absolutely stunning.The top three pictures are of Hebe with her former assistant and most recent girlfriend.The bottom picture is of Hebe from 2007 with her ex-girlfriend who is A Mei’s assistant, and who Hebe is rumored to have gotten back together with. and mikehas his arms around her, on her belly, and hebehas one arm around his. took me a long time to read all of the post in this thread. i haven't finish watching BF yet but just waiting for sub to watch it so i can understand it better. thanks for clearing that up, i agree that no one is perfect in this world and so as i've said, i love Mike all the same. He also loves to bully Hebe about playing basketball and when the reporters attacked Hebe with her bad skills, Mike will protects Hebe. It's hard to believe that these two did not have any electricities flowing thru them. it was so sad and sweet Although not much related to Mebe, but this news is related to Bull fighting.

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