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From the social aspect the ambition was to bring joy to citizens and visitors during the dark winter period by means of the aesthetic visual attractiveness of this art project.

The positive impact on the population’s mental health was reflected as the light contributed to decreasing psychological depression and suicide rates during the winter.

The plate receives the sun’s rays and turns them into electric power, which passes trough a voltage regulator to the battery of the cell phone.

This invention costs only one Euro and allows our cell phone to be constantly charged, besides the fact that we use less electric energy that is produced in an environmentally harmful way.

The aim of this venture is to stop unsustainable corporate practices that contribute to global warming.

Another intention is to help universities provide a model for ecological communities and responsible institutions.

The only source is the river Minela and a few tanks.

In fact, people have to cover great distances in order to get clean water.The New House was set up in the center of San Francisco, raising widespread public awareness and functioning as an education tool.This house is available to individual home builders and developers for implementation.This initiative achieved a reduction in electricity consumption, greenhouse gases and carbon emissions.The young group members distributed bulbs that consume less electricity and consequently contributed to the reduction of the community’s electricity bills.Since their establishment in June 2004, Energy Action has become a centerpiece of the youth climate movement.

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