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However, since the bank is who is requiring it, I have no choice.

Anyway, our City Engineer spoke with someone at FEMA who said the map was wrong and that we truly were Zone X.

Also, most mortgage companies will take out an insurance binder the minute they decide you are in a flood zone.

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I discussed with him how I had to buy insurance the year previously for Zone X and he was in shock.

He said that FEMA does not require insurance for Zone X, and the person I called at the State level said the same thing.

You will get a bill for the period of time from the beginning of the binder until your insurance effective date.

The bill will be at their rates not what you can get on the open market.

I called Met Life home loans and they refuse to change it so I am stuck with this unless I refinance. Most likely, as part of you deed of trust, you agreed to supply any insurance that your mortgage company requires.

There is a creek on my property and I live on a cliff about 60 feet above the creek. So they can require you to have flood insurance even if you are not in a flood zone (depending on their internal policies and good luck getting those).

If it is, we will obtain an Elevation Certificate and send that to FEMA for review.

If we truly are in a flood plain, we will just have to accept it and buy the insurance.

Let me know if you have other questions and I will try to answer them. Reply I did buy some flood insurance for 5 for the year, just to hold me over until I can get this straightened out.

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