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Advertising these features by showing the advantages of being a paid member will improve the subscription rate.

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You do not need a Pay Pal Pro account, you just need to upgrade your personal account to a business one.

In Pay Pal you can do this by going to the Profile button under My account tab, selecting the My settings button, and then clicking the Upgrade my Account button.

Each user role has access to content made for it’s level and content made for lower levels.

THis is why members of Platinum user role (level 4) will have access to all content.

Here’s how it works (taken from “s2Member Framework Quick-Start Guide”): AVChat Video Chat Plugin PRO for Word Press allows us to set video chat permissions per user role, we will use the new user roles (s2Member Level 1 – Bronze, s2Member Level 2 – Silver, s2Member Level 3 – Gold, s2Member Level 4 – Platinum) created by s2Member to create different permissions for video chat.

To configure Video Chat AVChat 3 follow the next steps: These are the necessary steps to build a paid video chat membership website with AVChat, Pay Pal, s2Member and Word Press.

The AVChat 3 is a Word Press plugin that handles the integration between AVChat and Word Press.

The username/display name, avatar, Buddy Press avatar, WP User Avatar and other data from your Word Press database will be automatically used by AVChat.

Visitors will be required to register to view any content or access the video chat.

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