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I spent two years working with Drupal as my preferred platform, from mid 2007 through early 2009 and I gained experience working with versions 4, 5, and 6.

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This blog post has been simmering inside me for while.

Some might think it as link bait but frankly I don’t blog often because I don’t have the time to manage lots of comments.

As the project progressed an inner conflict raged as I came to prefer Word Press all the while mourning what I would be loosing if I were to leave Drupal (CCK and Views, mostly.) However by the end of the 6 weeks it became crystal clear to me; Word Press was a much better system than Drupal even without all the CMS features.

I was reminded of how many personal Drupal projects I had unfinished simple because it’s do hard to get a good looking site completed in Drupal, the last 15% it pure hell to complete.

So I decided I would build my own CCK equivalent and use Word Press instead. And then finally v3.0 was announce with Custom Post Types and fortunately I was in a position to just on the beta version.

Honestly, it didn’t go so well with Word Press at first. It soon became clear to me that the Word Press team got Custom Post Types right and that v3.0 was going to be a watershed release and, as they say, the rest is history.

Full disclosure, I’ve been making my living as a Word Press specialist for almost two years and I plan to launch a company that provides tools and support for professional website developers and interactive agencies who have chosen Word Press as their platform for client solutions.

The reality is that I could easily choosen to do the same for Drupal but did not.

The forums were not at all effective in the ways that other forums I’ve seen like v Bulletin have been effective, and using them as a user was far more pain then pleasure Actually at this point I think it’s counter productive to set up yet another social network but if you are convinced your strategy makes sense I’d be included to launch it on Buddy Press instead of Drupal, and Buddy Press is now a plugin for Word Press.

And one of the really great aspects of Buddy Press is it that it leverages the brilliant network/multisite feature of Word Press which has completely nailed the architecture.

Drupal projects can start very inexpensively with large initial wins but the costs to add increasing functionality are discontinuous and in my experience soon soar out of control.

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