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In some cases this is being done out of necessity because there aren’t enough good jobs, but in other cases it is simply pure laziness. Are they supposed to actually consider these unambitious young men that seem perfectly content to indefinitely camp out in the basements of the homes that they were raised in?

#5 Sexual Immorality Is Absolutely Rampant If you are looking for someone sexually pure to get married to, good luck with that.

Everywhere you look in our sexually-hypercharged society, people are behaving like animals.

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Unfortunately for young single adults, these trends do not seem likely to change in a major way any time soon.

#3 A Lot Of Young Adults Are Obsessed With Money And Materialism A lot of single people these days will not date someone unless that individual has “good prospects” for the future.

Women are often encouraged to “marry up” and not to settle for anyone who can’t provide material benefits.

A woman from the southwestern city of Chengdu rejected her boyfriend’s flash mob proposal last December, when she saw the ring and thought the diamond was too small.

As a society, we have rejected the values of previous generations, and today most people generally do whatever they feel like doing.

But this can become a major problem when you are looking for someone “that shares your values” to get married to.

Prosecutors said Alexandria Vera had a sexual relationship with one of her students and also got pregnant by the eighth-grader.

#6 An Increasing Percentage Of Our Young People Don’t Even Want Someone Of The Opposite Sex According to the Daily Mail, the percentage of men and the percentage of women that have had sexual relations with a member of the same sex has approximately doubled since 1990…

In fact, I just came across a headline earlier today about a “sexy school teacher” that got pregnant by a 13-year-old boy…

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