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Thursday night treated us to a one-way ticket back to reality, with this season's matches plucked off their island paradise and sent packing.

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Meanwhile, back in Queenstown, things are looking just as grim for grooms Andy and Craig.

Last week, Craig up and left his swanky Queenstown pad, speed-dialling an emergency Uber while frosty Andy was thawing out in the shower.

"I don't get it, I was ready for this experiment, I lived and breathed it," sobs Craig. Before all hope is lost, the producers re-introduce Keller and Nicole, who are lounging beachfront and deciding whether to have twins or look into foster care.

Five days in and the big decisions are tackled head-on.

At one table, two Year 12 students from a Christian college in Melbourne's eastern suburbs listen earnestly to their 'date'.'I thought it'd be really cool to come.

I don't have any Muslim friends, and I lack that different perspective,' says one of the students, Gabriel.'I think it's really important that rather than just judging, we get to know their stories and get to know where they're coming from.' Nearby, a former nun called Michaela says she's 'hunting a Muslim' for the committee of her interfaith network.'Until 10 years ago, I knew nothing about Islam,' she says.'I've been educating myself, reading a lot and talking to Muslims whenever I can.

"Mon" admits she's pretty confident that she and Mark will get along just fine, particularly because they're so well suited and have so much in common. A few days into their new living arrangement, Mark's bad habits are beginning to surface like a blind pimple.

Monica spends her days frantically spritzing Ajax around every single surface of their tiny little house, in a bid to sterilise the Mark stench from everything."I've lived with an ex before," she reveals. Back in Brisbane, Keller packs his tiny little trundler and heads over to Nicole's apartment, where the pair will live together for the remainder of the experiment.

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Dave, who last week clipped his toenails in the bathroom sink in a statement of protest and rebellion against all things marital, decided that Jess had done all of the hard work for him, and agreed perhaps they "better take separate cars to the airport.""I don't know if I can see her physical attraction, um, how far do you go and try and continue with it? "I am confident, I'm a confident woman," she says with fierce determination.

"If you don't see that, that's on you."The duo decide to keep the break-up quick and cordial, packing their belongings and getting the hell out of there.

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