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The picture is further complicated by the fact that many Kazakhs and non-Kazakhs are struggling (out of work and living below the poverty level).

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The area north and west of this is the vast Kazakh steppe.

Life on the steppe is harsh, with extreme temperatures and intense winds.

It was also to Kazakhstan that he repatriated millions of people of all different ethnicities, in an effort to "collectivize" the Soviet Union.

Kazakhstan was also the site of the Soviet nuclear test programs and Nikita Khrushchev's ill-conceived "Virgin Lands" program.

Russians still make up 34.7 percent of the population, and other non-Kazakhs such as Ukrainians, Koreans, Turks, Chechnians, and Tatars, make up another 17 percent.

Many of the non-Kazakh people of Kazakhstan have met attempts by the Kazakh government to make Kazakh the central, dominant culture of Kazakhstan with great disdain and quiet, nonviolent resistance.Kazakhstan, which officially became a full Soviet socialist republic in 1936, was an important but often neglected place during Soviet times.It was to Kazakhstan that Joseph Stalin exiled thousands of prisoners to some of his most brutal gulags.So when I got home from work today, I walked in the door, nudging the eager dog to the side. There are several local boys in their late teens–but we’re all in our twenties. Her only options seem to be starting her own business, marrying a local guy, or marrying a nice foreigner with a long-term visa. She decides she needs a guy older than 25, but younger than 40, and “ideally, an expat who loves the Lord.” “What about a local young man? “So,” she grins, “I need to find and marry a husband before the school year ends.” When I ask why, Molly says she’d love to stay here forever–but not in classes.

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