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Back then there were far more camera butchers than there were honest shops and the same holds true today.German made Zeiss Ikon cameras are the best picture taking and making cameras that have ever been made.Here is a link to the auction catalogs: Westlicht Auction Catalog Access Page There are a lot of questions about the Post WWII Contax IIa and IIIa cameras that have gone unanswered because of the lack of authoritative documentation. letter to a customer from 1957 became avaiable and it is provided here for you to read.

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They've all disappeared by now and this picture is the only picture of one of these Contax II store displays I've ever seen.

I beiieve the other man is the local Zeiss Ikon Factory Sales Representative.

It would be nice to be able to identify the camera store and the two gentemen in the picture.

If you can provide this information please contact me by email using the link provided below the picture. You can download a high resolution copy of this picture by clicking on the link beneath it.

To put it another way they are a bad place to try to get good advice.

Back in the 1960's there was a popular term used in camera shops to describe a bad work repair shop. This term isn't used these days but it is still very appropriate.

Contax, Contessa, Contina, Super Ikonta and other Zeiss Camera Lightmeters overhauled and new photocells are available.

To Contact me if you have any questions please use this convenient email link: Request Information Twice a year the famous Leica Shop camera store in Vienna Austria holds the highest level camera auction there is.

This will show that that useful information about lens repairs is unobtainable while lens wrenches are abundant: Ebay search "lens Repair Book" My advice is simple.

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