Joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye dating

Ki Joon is in the car leaving the airport, when his aunt calls and tells him that Ah Jung has just told the paparazzi that she was the one who made the fake marriage up, not Ki Joon, and has accepted responsibility for it.

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She gets to the park that had the cherry blossoms, and she is walking towards the special bench when she looks up and sees Ki Joon walking towards her. Ki Joon, tearing and looking sad, asks her in a shaky voice whether she has eaten yet, and she replies asking how his trip was.

Ki Joon asks her if she has been well, and Ah Jung tips over the point of barely being held together to crying.

He tells her that he knows Ki Joon is a good guy, because he drinks well.

She laughs and says that that’s not enough evidence.

Her coworker that looks like a gorilla (sorry, that’s probably not very nice but I don’t know his name) looks suspicious and he says that he has no idea. Now Ki Joon sees the whiplash, as his aunt smacks the stock report in front of him on the table. Ki Joon asks her to wait for Chairmen Chen (could they really not have gotten someone who actually speaks Chinese to play this guy?

Everytime he speaks I mute the computer….) to make his decision.

Ah Jung takes the taxi back home, even though Manager Park has offered to have someone drive her home.

Ki Joon calls her repeatedly, and she sees the missed calls on her cell phone, but she doesn’t make any effort to pick up or call back.

that they own will suffer, simply because he is the president.

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