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HLN’s future has been a subject of speculation recently, after CNN negotiated but failed to reach a deal with Vice Media over that company taking over some of HLN’s programming.

Jane Velez-Mitchell has a passionate opinion about almost everything.

When asked which box she checks off when filling out paper work, she begins a diatribe on the perils of labeling.

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As an environmentalist, Velez-Mitchell pushes the boundaries, to near obsession, with her devotion to improving the environment by educating the masses and practicing what she preaches.

No matter how often she walks to and from work to cut down on pollution (a car service is provided) because she "feel(s) guilty when I take the car;" how she refuses to use paper products at home or at work to reduce waste; or how extreme her vegan diet is, her efforts are still not enough by her standards.

She is proud of all of her personal "life-choices" affiliations.

She is a lesbian with a new Los Angeles love interest, an environmentalist, an animal activist, a feminist, a vegan and a recovering alcoholic.

The question is: Do all addictions require interventions?

Velez-Mitchell's (a is being heralded by many as a great read.

After twenty years of having to stifle her perspective while working as a local news reporter in Los Angeles and New York, she jumped at the opportunity to present her opinions, argue their merit and defend her stance on CNN's sister station (HLN).

She agrees that she is brassy; a quality for which she confesses is "something that I've been working on." She is also loud, confrontational, high-strung, competitive and sometimes annoying ("annoying" is not my opinion but those of some of her dissidents).

Her viewership soars whenever she covers high-profile events like the Casey Anthony murder trial; Dr.

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