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Then he kept going further with the loud talking, "I bet that white boy doesnt slam that pussy like I use too, you know black dicks feel the best in white pussy, right"!

"I was some what offended that he would just say it out loud in a crowded bar like that, but I was buzzed and horny"!

I send her to live with her dad to get away from the people.

read the full post I am a musician and recently wrote this blog on my regular public blog as I wanted to raise more awareness about addiction and mental health.

He is addicted to cocaine and has been for the best part of 3 years..

It all came to a head in July after countless lying, stealing, drug binges, not going to work, blaming his behaviour on depression he finally admitted he has a problem and entered a 4 week rehab programme at a well known rehab.

Since then my boyfriend and I have only had sex one time and he came in 5 minutes.

I knew it wasnt right, but I agreed to have one last drink and then TOLD him I needed to get home to walk my dog!

He pushes me on the bed and reinserts his big ass dick inside of me!

Cum on my face, pussy, tits I dont care, but please, please not inside of.......

I have in the past found alcohol hidden in this area as well…

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