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Fifty feet off the ground, the former star linebacker for Hoover (Ala.) High heard yelling in broken English coming from below."Two-A-Days! When he was arrested in the summer of 2006 and charged with breaking and entering a motor vehicle, it affected not only his family and friends, but also his new fans."They should know I didn't have my head on straight," Binder said. I know I let a lot of people down, and hopefully, I'll make it up to them."With the spotlight turned off, the "Two-A-Days" cast has scattered.

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Bardzo dbamy o jakość naszych wyrobów, aby nie tylko służyły zdrowiu ale także w smaku były jak najbardziej zbliżone do glutenowych odpowiedników.

INCOLA to domownik, który jest sobą i nic nie udaje.

"We are real good friends, and that's as far as it goes."Then there was the focus on Hoover coach Rush Propst, a wildly successful, yet controversial figure. He was criticized for cursing and yelling.-- Byron Clear"They didn't show him right," Wilson said. "Every day."When the Trojans played at Ohio State, two opposing fans sought Williams out for a picture.

The current coach at Colquitt (Ga.) High, Propst resigned from Hoover amid allegations in his personal life and of a grade-changing scandal. Smith -- who played at Auburn for two days and is now a student at Jacksonville (Ala.) State -- was equally adamant."Everybody took things the wrong way about Coach Propst," said Smith, who is considering walking on at Alabama. Smith was in an Atlanta mall when a child ran up to him asking whether he was Repete."Then he ran off [yelling], 'That's him! Dunham said he grew tired of the attention, adding, "The show made me realize how much I don't want to be famous."Michael De John, a linebacker from the second season, which ended with a state-final loss to Prattville High, ponders the show only when his Crimson Tide teammates remind him."It's brought up every now and then, especially when guys are cutting up," said De John, a 6-foot, 220-pounder.

Nasze produkty nie zawierają glutenu, a oprócz tego posiadamy w asortymencie wyroby bezmleczne (bez kazeiny) i nisko-laktozowe.

Są one w 100% bezpieczne dla osób cierpiących na celiakię i alergie pokarmowe.

As for Binder, he left the Bevill State (Sumitom, Ala.) baseball team because of two shoulder surgeries and legal woes.

Eyeing a return to the field, he works at a Birmingham car dealership, providing for his wife, Danielle (whom he met with cameras rolling), and their 10-month old child, Maria Grace.

Players looked back on "Two-A-Days" through different lenses."I loved being on TV," said Williams, a starter at Troy.

"Just getting to know so many different people."No complaint was big enough to spoil the experience."I just wish I would've had more fun with it," said Lerner, who has 36 tackles and one interception as a Paladins rover.

Most take no credit for their fame."It was really cool at the time -- we took a lot from it," Byron Clear said, "but you move on. Rapoport covers University of Alabama athletics for The Birmingham News.

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