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Most horror movies either insult the audience a little by over-explaining, or they leave many elements simply unexplained (which can be a plus too.) This one actually gives you all the clues you need to put it together and get the answers.

Really, it’s all there – if you are observant, you don’t need the characters to spell it out for you.

After the funeral, Annie meets Liz and Eva, and the three return to Annie’s mother’s house.

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With Liz and Nicole dead, the house has been sold and is under renovations.

In the final scene, which may or may not be a part of Annie’s dream, Judas’ eye opens, and he looks around.

After losing the connection, Nicole sees an open door, leading into a dark room and walks inside.

Annie arrives, having been informed that Nicole is missing, and finds Nicole’s phone along with a photo.

Annie sees Judas come up from a secret hatch, and hides, discovering the bodies of Creek and Nicole.

While Judas cries, Annie takes Creek’s gun but is overpowered by Judas and knocked unconscious.

I found the characters and dialog very believable (for a horror film, of course.).

A decent Horror and a must see for fans of Caity Lotz.

They then see the corpse of a woman in a floral dress floating above them, and Annie realizes that it is not her mother haunting the house.

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