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A figure skater can never quite outskate the judges' opinion of him, and judges and institutions, it turns out, are notoriously conservative — as some would say, "family-friendly." At the National Championships, which took place this January in Boston, a phrase I heard often was "don't ask, don't tell."It's not that skating hasn't had out gay athletes.

There's Rudy Galindo, a ready-made hard-knock story who grew up in a trailer, abused alcohol and drugs, and lost two coaches and a brother to AIDS. Figure Skating Hall of Fame last year after having been rejected three times, his sexuality was not mentioned during the ceremony.

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Here, a quick check-in with 10 of your favorite former Olympians.

And yes, they are all figure skaters, because though I have immense respect the other sports, figure skating is the only one I actually 3.

She currently designs her own clothing line called

When I ask figure skater Jeremy Abbott how athletes should respond to Russia's anti-gay laws, his eyes widen. Abbott just happened to come up with a particularly inept metaphor.

One boy spots his upright spin, whipping his head to face the same wall with each rotation, a move classic to ballet but atypical in skating.

Another pulls his leg up behind his head while he's spinning, arching his back into a Biellmann position.

Michelle, always an overachiever, graduated from Tufts University in 2011 with a masters degree from their Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

She is currently an adviser for public diplomacy and public affairs at the U. State Department, because she is just that awesome. Due to an injury, he did not attempt to qualify for the Sochi Olympics, and is instead hanging around Russia watching them like a regular guy. Despite never having medaled at the Olympics, Johnny Weir is without question the most fabulous figure skater to ever live.

If you're into the Olympics, there is pretty much nothing else in the world that can interest you during those two weeks. But when the Olympics are over, it's hard to keep track of all your favorite temporary superstars.

Channing Tatum is writing next to a bust of Matthew Mc Conaughey? The Olympics are on, and people are doing crazy shit on some ice, and that is all that matters!

Galindo came out publicly a few weeks before the 1996 U. nationals; he skated last in his group (a position that made it harder for the judges to artificially deflate his scores), and to everyone's surprise, he won, becoming the first out national champion. A decade later, skater Johnny Weir brought exquisite technical and artistic performances on the ice, but he also brought a reality-television show, a pop song (“Dirty Love”), and an outspoken diva-worship of Lady Gaga; a word often used to describe him was "flamboyant," despite the fact that, until 2011, he kept his sexuality private.

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